We strongly believe in the following principles:


Well structured deals, utilising relevant experts, having undertaken relevant due diligence, we provide an all round professional service.

We aim to compete with the top end auction private treaty sales market. We pride ourselves on our ethics and commitment to utilising relevant experts to ensure as best as possible, that the transactions are safe transactions.


We care about art and we care about our clients. If an artwork has any difficulties we explain this to our clients. If we feel an artwork is not of sufficient quality or is not being offered at an appropriate price we declare this to our clients.

We have integrity in ourselves as professionals and insist on the integrity in the art.


Our company takes pride in its ability to conduct extremely high value transactions without the world knowing about it. Many clients find spending large sums of money in a public arena such as an auction off-putting and embarrassing.

Many people do not want their friends, family, colleagues or associates to know how much they paid for a particular artwork or how much they received for an artwork sale. We understand this. For that reason all our transactions are covered with confidentiality agreements or Non disclosure agreements.

Any expert or consultant or sub-agent brought into a transaction is not simply trusted to keep the matter secret but is required to sign a confidentiality agreement and therefore are legally liable if there are breaches of confidentiality. We take this matter extremely seriously.


Consumers are entitled to know precisely what they are paying for and we declare this to our buyer clients and seller clients. In our transactions there are no hidden costs.

In our selling agent agreements we agree with the seller what our fees will be as the seller’s agent. If we utilise a sub-agent, then that affects our profit margins not the sellers. Equally if we are acting for a buyer, the buyer will know our fees and if they want to understand the pricing of an artwork they are interested in purchasing, we as their agent try to get to the bottom of the pricing. We believe in clear and transparent agreements between the parties and clear and transparent sales contracts.

We want consumers who use our company to buy and sell high value art to have complete confidence that the transactions are transparent and fair.


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