Welcome to Vitruvian Arts Ltd.

We are a Fine Art Brokerage.

We help buyers and sellers buy and sell fine art.

This service was established in 2013 and is an independent art consultancy service.

Vitruvian evolved to meet the demands of new art consumers who require a discreet, professional and transparent service that is not conducted in the glare of a public auction and wish for a more personal service.

We are a small company based in London that manages your potential high value sales transaction, we have a different process if you are a buyer or a seller. We also bring in all the expertise required to make your transaction happen quickly, efficiently and most cost effectively.

Our company is run by two commercial lawyers with 40 years experience of commercial deals and both have over 20 years experience of the art market.

We work with specialist art consultants who specialise in Old Masters, Modern and Impressionist Art, Contemporary Art, British Art, Middle Eastern Art, Asian Art, African Art and Textiles and Carpets.

We bring in the appropriate adviser for the specific artworks to ensure you are receiving the best advice possible. Please see our services to see examples of works and museum collections our team has handled.

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What We Do:

Vitruvian Arts Ltd.

Contact us by: 

Email: jessica@vitruvianartsconsultancy.com

Telephone: +44 (0) 203 290 1367

  •  We provide independent art advice on buying and selling art and work with leading art dealers and art advisors to ensure our clients receive a professional and top-level service;
  •  We help our clients buy or sell art – privately, through auction or through private treaty sales or though galleries and art dealers by managing and overseeing all potential transactions, providing a sales strategy and connecting our clients with relevant buyers and sellers;
  •  We arrange the necessary pre-sale checks to ensure an art works documents are in order pre-sale; such as provenance research and title checks; arrange any expert input that is required – such as condition reports, valuations, expert opinions by academics, expert dealers or forensic experts;
  •  We have an expert due diligence process conducted with the assistance of The Art Due Diligence Group;
  •  We help with the facilitation of the entire sales process, from negotiating with auction houses or with private sellers or buyers; closing the art deal, arranging legal contracts, helping to arrange shipping and delivery of the artwork, which includes assisting you with arranging insurance and customs duties etc.
  •  We work with a small expert team of art consultants who can advise clients on building and managing their art collection;
  •  This includes documenting a collection ( preparing an inventory and or managing a collection database);
  •  Overseeing appropriate cleaning and conservation, restoration, storage, hanging and display.
  •  Rotating a collection, curating a collection
  •  Developing the collection by finding complimentary works, developing the collection strategy, assisting with buying further artworks or selling works.
  •  Services that we provide to assist our collector clients include: arranging art tours, art events, private views and curating private exhibitions. We have a team of art consultants with considerable gallery experience and work with leading art PR consultants;
  •  We can help with educational training on the arts, panel discussions on specialist art subjects and relevant introductions to art galleries and relevant industry experts and leading artists;
  • We help clients commission bespoke artworks by leading contemporary artists.